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Asset Management

Turnkey Asset Management is no problem with CISS! Our goal is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution. Our Inventory Pro software will make tracking assets efficient and easy.

Asset Tracking


Understand the value of your assets and their depreciation


Track Licensing and Renewal Dates


Monitor Equipment Functionality, Usage, Mileage, Etc


Track Warranties, Expiration, Contract Details

Depreciation is an accounting method of allocating the cost of an asset over its life expectancy. Depreciation is used to calculate how much of an asset’s value has been used up during its time in operation. IPOL has several standard asset depreciation formulas to calculate these depreciation values.

Maintenance is the continuous process of improving the availability, safety, reliability, and longevity of physical assets. IPOL helps keep track of any maintenance made to an asset, logging modifications, inspections, certifications, and more.

Tracking in IPOL refers to the ways physical assets are kept tabs on in the system. This can be done either by using barcode labels or additional tags such as RFID and *geo-mapping, which broadcast their location.

*Geo-mapping is a non-standard feature that can be implemented upon request.

If you simply need the software to track your assets, look no further. Our Inventory Pro software will make tracking assets efficient and easy. Let CISS help eliminate shrinkage of company property by announcing all items are tracked and accounted for. Labeling each item will assist you in tracking your assets for their lifecycle. Using a unique bar code label on each piece of equipment and performing cycle counts can benefit you tremendously.

Asset Tags and Tracking:

  • Tangible Assets Tracking (Tools, Equipment, Etc)
  • Intangible Assets Usage (Software Licenses, Etc)
  • Value Depreciation (define your own formulas)
  • Classification
  • Images Support, for easy identification
  • Warranty, Serial number, and specification tracking
  • Asset Change Tracking, Changes to each field are logged to the database

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