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Security & Permissions


System security in Inventory Pro allows you to share information with customers, employees, and vendors while protecting the integrity of the data. You assign the read, modify, insert, or delete privileges for each user or group all the way down to the field level. Local and remote users will only have access to the data you want them to see. This built-in security allows the system to provide vendor managed inventory (VMI) and e-commerce solutions within Inventory Pro.

IPOL is built following industry standard security methods and can be further secured by using a Secure Socket Layer (SLL) Certificate which encrypts traffic between the client (your web browser) and the server.

For example, multiple failed Login attempts will result in a 10-minute lockout for that device to prevent unauthorized access. If the system detects a large number of failed logins indicating a brute force type attack from an IP Address it may automatically lockout that address. Some systems can also be configured to allow new users to register accounts (Such as customers and suppliers). Lastly, Password security is very important to us, Passwords are secured using modern techniques which provide a one-way conversion. This means that your password is unknown to everyone but you and even in the event of the database being compromised it is very secure.