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Multiple Locations


Warehouses can be used in a variety of ways in IPOL. They can be used as physical locations such as a building or facility. We also have some clients that set up each individual service truck they have as its’ own warehouse to manage tools and supplies. You could also set up multiple warehouses for a single building to denote different sections of stock that are not to be mixed.

Inventory Pro Online allows you to have as many virtual warehouses in one system as you need. The multiple warehouse features can be used for keeping multiple inventories separate within a single physical building. We have systems with over 600 warehouses in use.

Once you have added the warehouse name to your system, your next step is to add the locations within the warehouse. These are your storerooms, shelves, bins, and bays. When you receive it, you will receive into a warehouse and a location within that warehouse. Each warehouse is required to have a default location of DOCK. Please enter this location for each warehouse in addition to your warehouse locations. You can have the same location exist in two warehouses or more however you will have to enter the location for each warehouse and assign it to that warehouse.