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Inventory Pro Mobile

Our Inventory Pro Mobile application is developed to work with web services integrated into the Inventory Pro databases. 

Use the window below to try our demo for Inventory Pro Mobile


Smartphone & Tablet Integration

This piece of software from our platform is designed specifically for iOS and Android mobile devices. It excels at mobility and is compatible with a range of scanner devices.


Above there is a full demo of the system using a variety of test data. Feel free to play around and take it for a test drive. Please note you must be using an up to date web browser for full functionality.

Scanning and Usage

Our software allows you to replace bulky ageing industrial scanners with relatively cheap and accessible devices that can serve a variety of roles in your business. For example the Koamtac brand of scanners connects via bluetooth and attaches via a sled/case for the device.


Fully Featured

Our application supports both Batch and Real Time operation, and it automatically switches modes if network connectivity is lost. The application also keeps a local cache of various system objects to allow for extended use offline.

Hardware Integrations

Our products are compatible with industry standard hardware and integrate with all aspects of managing your inventory and managing your warehouse.


The KDC-450 can be used with various smartphones and tablets. This product supports all major 1D and 2D barcodes.

Socket Mobile 8Ci

The Socket Mobile Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 8Ci is a small, thin and easy to use barcode scanner optimized for smartphones. Featuring full software support, the CHS 8Ci is easy to attach to your smartphone when in use and easy to detach and slip in your pocket when not in use.

Socket CHS 7C

The system uses a Bluetooth barcode scanner called the Socket CHS 7C. This is a very accurate device on par with dedicated handheld scanners. 

Go Mobile with Inventory Pro


The Inventory Pro Mobile Demo above is linked into our Inventory Pro Online ( IPOL ) demo system, however, the system is also compatible with our Windows version. Our IP Mobile application is developed to work with web services integrated into the Inventory Pro databases.

Inventory Pro Mobile for smartphones requires a backend server with IIS and SQL Server capabilities to connect with the various types of Inventory Pro for windows databases. If you are running Inventory Pro Online your system is already IP Mobile Compatible. Contact CISS to discuss purchase and installation of IP Mobile Windows Server services for integration with your current Inventory Pro system.

Barcoding on Mobile


Scanners can be used to look up orders, receive, issue, locate, and move items and more. The Full functionality of a dedicated handheld at a much lower cost.

The system does not use internal cameras due to the fractured nature of devices, Each phone generally has a different camera. And Resolution and Clarity is a major factor, and as a result, this method is not as efficient or very reliable.

Mobile Features

Inventory Control ( Receive, Move, Issue )

Quick Order

Order Packing

Signature Capture


Offline Capability

Barcode Scanning ( Items, Locations, Orders, Etc )

Camera Barcode Scan


Cycle Count ( Blind, Fast Movers, Etc )

"Customization is a big factor in our daily use of Inventory Pro and Inventory Pro Mobile. "

– Kim Bretting

"CISS took the time to meet with us and understand our needs for our inventory system."

– Cynthia Cochran

"We appreciate the stability of the CISS platform and their responsive timing to our needs."

– Marshall Matthews

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