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Inventory Pro Integrations

Our flagship product, Inventory Pro, Is designed to interface with many 3rd-Party solutions to streamline the management of your business and assets.

CISS believes in the “Best of Breed” (multi-product, standards-based) approach to get your complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. We specialize in our area of knowledge to provide you with the best possible inventory management system. With ERP software making its boom in recent years, companies find themselves pondering which way they should go; multiple Best-of-Breed packages vs one large all-in-one system. We agree that your systems should all be integrated with one another, and Inventory Pro can interface with your existing systems. You will end up with the complete solution your business needs, meeting your operations and industry-specific requirements while saving you time and money along the way.

Types of Interfaces

Sage Software:

  • Sage-50-US (Peachtree) [requires Multiware toolkit middleware] Pdf


  • Big Commerce
  • X-Cart
  • WOO-Commerce

Automated Print Services:

Our automated print engine services allow us to print labels for orders as they are made.

Web Services:

Our Web APIs support both RESTful and SOAP-based interfaces based on a .Net web services stack. Data is passed back and forth using HTTP requests. Data can be returned in either JSON or XML format.

EDI / XML / Email / Ftp / MQ Series:

  • 204 tenders
  • 856 advance shipping notice
  • 830 planning schedule with release capability
  • 850 purchase order/outbound
  • …and all other transactions per customer specifications

    Shipping and Tracking:

    • FedEx – RPS Ground
    • UPS – Overnight

    Barcode scanners including batch, real-time, wireless, and keyboard:

    • Keyboard wedge
    • Mobile Computers
    • RFID
    • Inventory Pro Mobile

      Wireless RF:

      • Proprietary
      • 802.11
      • Site surveys
      • Turnkey installations

      Content Management Systems:

      • WordPress

      3rd Party Applications and Hardware:

      • Android Devices
      • Apple Devices
      • Barcode Scanners
        • Sled
        • Industrial 
        • USB
        • Bluetooth
      • Barcode Printers

      Unique Problems, Custom Solutions

      IPOL offers customization through our standard product to help make our software made for your processes.

      Shipping Integrations

      Shipping Integrations

      Inventory Pro can submit shipments and receive tracking information once the order is processed.

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