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After years of building custom software solutions, Ben Spalding founded CISS in 1996. CISS is a privately held company that has evolved into a major provider of standard inventory management software packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is X feature of IPOL customizable?

IPOL is highly customizable and developers will work to customize the system to your specific workflow.

Does IPOL run on Linux?

There are two components: the server hosting the application, and the client connecting to it. The client can be virtually any device with a modern browser, The server requires a Windows environment.

How is IPOL Hosted?

There are two options for hosting IPOL: there is the option to host IPOL yourself, or have CISS LTD host the system for you.

Can parts have different prices set for different suppliers?

Yes, parts can have separate prices and IDs set for each individual supplier catalog. The system also supports aliases for parts.

Does IPOL work on my browser of choice?

IPOL was developed with Google Chrome in mind, It also works with Firefox, Safari, and other modern browsers. Some versions of IE may work but they are not officially supported.

Do you offer a free trial of IPOL?

We offer any clients that are interested in IPOL a test period on a test site with their data to see how they enjoy the system.

What is the difference between a location and a warehouse?

A warehouse is the broad location of where your parts are stored, and the locations are the more precise locations within a warehouse.

What if none of the standard reports show the information I need?

IPOL has a abundance of different reports to showcase the information surrounding your inventory, but if no report showcases the specific information you need new reports can be custom made for your needs.

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