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CISS has been making Inventory Solutions for Small Business, Government, and Enterprise clients since 1996. We offer customizable solutions that adapt to our clients needs and processes.

Easy & Flexible Inventory Solutions

Inventory Pro Online (IPOL) is a browser (cloud) based application.  IPOL has a wide range of clients whose system’s range from a single warehouse with 3 users, up to hundreds of warehouses with hundreds of users. A fully featured Warehouse Management System that can be customized to meet your needs. With a range of advanced features clients can leverage to improve their company’s efficiency and productivity.


Inventory Pro can interface with accounting programs from various vendors. And custom interfaces can be created to work with your small and medium sized business.


Handhelds allow you to perform stock operations as you are moving and working in the warehouse or at remote sites.


Our Inventory Pro Mobile application is developed to work with web services integrated into the Inventory Pro databases

Primary Features

Our products are built to handle and integrate with all aspects of managing your inventory and managing your warehouse.

Inventory Control

Receiving, Issuing, Moving Stock, Cycle Counts, and Restocking

Purchasing, Shipping, Processing

Covers all aspects of fulfillment.

Detailed Reporting System

A comprehensive set of reports allows you to query almost every aspect of the system.

Multiple Locations

Hierarchical System of Warehouses and Locations within them.

Cycle Counts / Restocking

Up to date real time inventory counts.

Third Party Integrations

Integrated with many 3rd Party Applications and Devices.

Barcoding & RFID Support

Multiple scanners support and compatible with many labels.

Quick Order

Quick order for quick processing.

Security & Permissions

Share information with customers, employees, and vendors while protecting the integrity of the data.

Asset Management

Asset tags & tracking, for tangible and intangible assets, plus value depreciation and more.

Work Orders / BOMs

Detailed work orders for creation of kits, assemblies, or assets

Single Sign On Support

We support SSO via Active directory in the base system. Other solutions can be developed.


Easily customized to your specific requirements.

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & notifications can be set.

Data Import & Export Framework

Easily transfer data and templates.

Transaction Logging & Statistics

Manage transaction history and see usage & inventory numbers.


Accounting Software

Inventory Pro has the ability to interface with various accounting solutions. This allows you to track the numbers behind your inventory, and monitor and evaluate sales, shelf life, costs, etc.

Shipping Integrations

Inventory Pro can submit shipments to worldship and will then receive tracking numbers, shipping costs, and handling costs once the order is processed.


Inventory Pro is a full function business-to-consumer e-commerce retail web store designed for CISS Inventory Pro. It offers a complete set of end-to-end e-commerce services.

Data Exchange

Inventory Pro is designed to interface with many 3rd-Party solutions to streamline the management of your business and assets.

More than just Software

At CISS we provide a wide array of services for our clients, in addition to IPOL. From Hardware & Software IT Support to Inventory Systems, TMS, Barcoding, and more.

Our Inventory Solutions

At CISS Ltd. we specialize in Inventory Software, our framework and products have been under development since 1994. Currently our software platform offers Web and Mobile Applications that work together creating a framework upon which our customers run their business.

"Customization is a big factor in our daily use of Inventory Pro and Inventory Pro Mobile. "

– Kim Bretting

"CISS took the time to meet with us and understand our needs for our inventory system."

– Cynthia Cochran

"We appreciate the stability of the CISS platform and their responsive timing to our needs."

– Marshall Matthews

"CISS does a great job. They are always there when we need them."

– Frank Renaldi

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